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Anonymous asked: You're better off single. Everything will be okay, you are far beyond what people can comprehend. He's a fool, and it'll hit him hard one day.

I have no idea how to feel about this message

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Anonymous asked: I'll be your Clyde if you're my Bonnie


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Anonymous asked: Why do you smoke? And don't say some stupid shit like Bc I can or Bc I like it or why not or something. Like honestly

Ew your attitude is annoying. I smoke because it’s my “me” time. A lot of my thinking happens when I smoke. It helps me when I’m stressed out or feel really anxious or sad. It just relieves me in so many ways.

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Anonymous asked: You remind me of myself a little bit. I would honestly like to be friends with you. I think you're smart and creative and motivated.. and also fucking badass.

Let’s be friends

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Hi :-)

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Anonymous asked: Obviously, like so many others have said, your photography is inspiring and amazing. While this is true, to me, you are inspiring and amazing in so many other ways. You seem to be strong, independent, and I love your attitude about giving no fucks and living your life to the fullest. Like, you wear lingerie in public, you never apologize for being yourself, and share some of you deepest feelings through your work. That is why you are inspiring to me.

Wow thank you wow :-) yay

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Anonymous asked: I think your photography is highly exceptional because it's simple and personal. I think you're highly exceptional because you're complex and never too personal. I feel you're the opposite of your photography in a good way.

No one’s ever told me this before, thank you.

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leo-nel asked: oh oops i forgot anonymous

I love you bb

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leo-nel asked: I think you're gay


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