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Aspiring photo-journalist
tthemonster asked: Your work is absolutely incredible

Thank you, but this is all for fun & I rarely post photos I’m actually proud of.

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Anonymous asked: You put your life on tumblr and have an "ask" weirdo

I put *part* of my life on Tumblr. You see probably 60% of it. Asking if I have a job is pretty weird but when I called that person a weirdo it was a joke. The internet has zero chill.

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Anonymous asked: do you have a job if you don't mind me asking?

Yeah I do, you nosey weirdo

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imveryverysoft asked: I love how your blog makes me feel so at peace and nostalgic at the same time. I really needed it after the traumatic events of last night. Thank you so much and please have a nice day.

I’m happy my blog can do this for you. 

This is really lovely. 

My thoughts are with you, hope everything’s alright.

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jules--xo asked: Lmao I love how you tell people off. Most people sugar coat everything and let people say things that bother them

Merci! I don’t put up w/ bullshit :-)

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Anonymous asked: Damn dude I hope he never does you wrong because you're in so deep. Wish you luck

This message annoys me. 

I don’t need luck. I assume this message was sent with good intention, but I don’t need to be told that I’m in so deep. I know I am and if anything ever happens then so be it, but I seriously doubt that will happen. I’ll be glad we ever happened at all. 

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Anonymous asked: Your photos look better on tumblr than on Instagram. I like these collages

My photos look great everywhere, eat me. 

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