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Aspiring photo-journalist
shavu asked: I literally adore your work!

Thank you…literally

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mr-riz18 asked: I just happened to stumble upon one of your pics and must I say they are beautiful thanks for sharing

Thank you for your kind words!

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Anonymous asked: I've been debating buying a record player, the problem is I don't know what I should be looking for; so I was wondering which brand or store sales better quality record player?


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Anonymous asked: What subjects are you studying? I'm so in love with you, I would literally die for your life!!!

Wow, ha, thank you I’m flattered. 


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Anonymous asked: What is your snapchat ?


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Anonymous asked: What is your photo shoot price?

If you come off anonymous I’d be more than happy to tell you :-)

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Anonymous asked: why are you complaining about being broke and then posting pictures of electronics you've recently bought?

This question is so stupid lol

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Anonymous asked: Just so you know, the tumblr blog oliverpeople is posting your photos and claiming them as their own without giving you any credit.

That’s annoying.

Thank you for telling me. 

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