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Anonymous asked: I'm going out to curse this guy who played with me, I want to look hot kinda like you, any tips on what to wear?

Red lipstick, leather jacket & tight clothing. You go girl 😈

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Anonymous asked: What's your opinion on plastic surgery?

I’m not really sure to be honest. I think it’s cool and I think people can do whatever they want if it makes them happy. It’s not really anyone else’s business. Not sure if I’d ever get anything done though. 

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paleheartbeat asked: I live in fucking belgium, girl im serious you dont want to live here. maybe in paris or berlin but not anywhere else

Wouldn’t want to live anywhere but Paris.

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livingbyluna asked: hi just wondering what city you were born and raised it? I love how you're constantly traveling :)

The city I was born in wasn’t the same city I was raised in. I’ve basically lived in California my entire life though. I love it too, but I haven’t traveled in a while & now I’m going kind of crazy. 

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Anonymous asked: Do you prefer shorts or pants, short sleeve or long sleeved tops, summer or winter, day or night?

It’s hard to choose, both. Short sleeve. Summer. Hmm, night. 

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Anonymous asked: Dad, or daddy? ;]

Let. Me. Live.

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